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Scrap Booking RetreatsWe offer you the opportunity to have your workspace right within your own lodge. This space is yours from the time you check in until you check out.  If you want to work in your pajamas you are welcome to do so.   We will set up your tables and offer you enough space to spread out and not have to pick up at the end of the night.  We even put trash bags at each seating space.  Our breakfast buffet and dinners will keep your group happy and well fed.

If you choose our Deer Trail Lodge your group will have their own private hot tub and deck to enjoy.  Bears Den Lodge provides you with excellent workspace and a rocking chair porch.  Both of these lodges have space for up to 16 scrapbookers with workspace at the 4-8 foot mark right within the lodge.  For those larger groups we have lodges that will have up to 16 sleeping rooms and conference space that will easily accommodate 48-60 scrapbookers with ease.   We pride ourselves on making sure that we meet YOUR needs

Please call our group coordinator at 770-534-3244 or email her today for a proposal This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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