Famous Past Guests!

The Kraft Family & Staff at Forrest Hills Resort recognize the need for privacy and relaxation when public figures come to visit.  Our staff is trained to act as if they are any other guest and to never approach them for an autograph or photo during their stay.

Nancy Grace

We recently had the pleasure of having Nancy Grace from “Crime Stories” visit us along with her husband and twins for a fun fall getaway.

Nancy Grace & twins at Uncle Shucks Corn Maze


Chipper Jones

Hall of fame baseball player, Chipper Jones, visited us a couple of times during his younger years.

Chipper Jones
Cast & Crew From "Christmas In The Smokies"

Some of which was filmed on site!  If you like Hallmark and Christmas this is a much watch.  You’ll see the Dahlonega square and so much more.

Alan Powell, Sarah Lancaster, Rebecca Coon

And More...

Film Actor Dennis Weaver…sadly he was here when we had to break the news to him the one of his best friends, John Denver, was in a fatal plane crash in 1977.

11 Alive Sports Anchor Randy Waters

And perhaps some we don’t even know about 🙂