Visit Dahlonega

Pronounced Dah-LON-eh-gah

Voted in the top 5 small towns by USA Today in 2015!

Did you know that Gold was first discovered in the Dahlonega area in 1828, twenty years before the Gold Rush to California? When it was discovered it was completely by accident…Deer hunter, Benjamin Parks, tripped over a rock 2 ½ miles south of what is now Dahlonega, upon inspecting the rock, he discovered that it was full of gold!

When you’re ready to get into the Christmas spirit, come to Dahlonega for an Old Fashioned Christmas where even Ebenezer Scrooge himself can’t resist the joys of the season!

Dahlonega is home to one of the largest quartz veins containing gold in the world. This quartz vein measures 22″ thick. Dahlonega is rich in the culture and charm of Appalachia within its beautifully preserved downtown historic district.

The Georgia gateway to the Appalachians is not only the site of the first U. S. gold rush but Dahlonega is also home to The Gold Museum, gold mines and gold panning facilities. Quaint shops around the Square are filled with regional art, antiques, unique jewelry and collectibles.

The newest gold rush in Dahlonega is in the performing and visual arts! Enjoy wonderful exhibitions and concerts in the park or jamming on the square. Be swept away by Georgia’s premier community theatre company at the historic Holly Theater. Local potters, painters and photographers display their craft in galleries and shops throughout the historic community.

Did you know there are almost 100 unique shopping opportunities in and around the square of Dahlonega?!

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